Julebord - Åge Steen Nilsen at Sundvolden Hotel

Åge Sten Nilsen is one of Norway's most fierce and prominent rock vocalists. Throughout his career, he has alternated between being the frontman of various bands, hosting TV shows, and participating in various show productions. And last but not least, he has embarked on his own solo career, creating his own music and lyrics.

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Åge Sten Nilsen at Sundvolden Hotel

We are hosting two fantastic show evenings with Åge Sten Nilsen for both private individuals and companies. Both nights will feature a hit parade of Queen songs! Secure your complete package with tickets and hotel accommodations now!
  • kr. 2795,- pr. pers.
  • kr. 2595,- pr. pers
  • kr. 1556,- pr. pers.
More about Åge

Concert December 9th

With Scandinavia's undisputed Queen king, Åge Sten Nilsen, a grand tribute to one of the greatest bands in rock history is in store.


Concert December 10th

En av Norges største stemmer ÅGE STEN NILSEN kommer tilbake med en ekslusiv og personlig konsert på Sundvolden Hotel!.

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