Nails and facials

We offer manicures and pedicures that really make a difference. In addition, we have various facials to choose from.

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Mini Manicure - shaping nails, nail polish 250, - (20 min.)

Manicure - shaping nails, treatment of cuticles, nail polish 495, - (45 min.)

Spa manicure - manicure + peeling 595, - (60 min.)

French manicure 695, - (75 min.)

Manicure with gel varnish 495, - (60 min.)

New set of artificial nails (nails extension Dump / gel) 895 - (120 min.)

New set of artificial nails, French manicure 995, - (120 min.)

Refill 495, - (90 min.)

Removing gel lacquer / artificial nails 200, - (30min.)


Mini Pedicure 495, - (45 min.)

Pedicure 695, - (75 min.)

Pedicure -French 795, - (75 min.)

Eyelashes / eyebrows

Dyeing eyelashes 250, - (30 min.)

Plucking eyebrows u / color 150, - (20 min.)

Napping with dyeing 300, - (30 min.)

Dyeing and napping + dyeing eyelashes 500, - (45 min.)

Fast treatment, 30 min kr. NOK 450

Cleaning, peeling, mask adapted to your skin type, eye cream and day cream.

Classic facial, 60 min kr. 890.-

Cleaning, peeling with steam, light extractions, mask, eye cream and day cream.

Facial with ultrasound, 75 min kr. 950.-

Cleaning, peeling, ultrasound, mask, eye cream and day cream.

This treatment is especially recommended for sensitive, delicate, and thin skin.

Exclusive facial, 90 min kr. 1290.-

Cleaning, peeling with steam or ultrasound, facial massage, mask, eye cream and day cream.

Our professional skin and nail technician, Maris Saar,  offers the best care when it comes to your nails, skin, hands, and feet. Perhaps you've been wondering about styles or searching for something new - look no further. Maris is a shaping and contouring expert. Let Maris help your beauty evolve into something breathtaking. She can color your eyelashes and eyebrows making more of a difference than you'd expect. Call reception to book a session with Maris, we can promise you'll walk out of her salon feeling like a million bucks!

32162100 to book a time.