Need Some Relaxation?

At Sundvolden you enter an atmosphere of serenity, tranquility, and warmth...

velvære spa
velvære spa
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velvære spa

We have a varied treatment and activities, with a clear focus on inner peace and wellbeing. We provide special wellness packages for both you as an individual and for groups.

Wellness Sundvolden

Sundvolden has all of the therapists you'll need. They have a wide range of experience in various techniques and methods that can increase your awareness so that you can feel a deeper presence of serenity within yourself. In our wellness menu, we have included short treatments for those who wish to relax, but don't have the time for a whole Spa day. Short treatments include: Scrub treatment, back and neck massage, aroma massage, foot massage and facial, and a neck and scalp massage. We can also try to tempt you with longer treatments that include: A lovely classical massage or a long relaxation massage. In addition, we offer various forms of meditation in which you and your team can get help to find peace and balance.

At Sundvolden, we can also offer a various range of different workshops, guest therapists, and special packages. These special packages can include accommodations, dinner, and optional treatments.

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Wellness Menu

We offer a range of different treatments for individuals or for groups. You can choose between a 25-minute treatment, a treatment for 50 minutes or for 70 minutes. Treatment costs start from 495 -.

Short Treatments

Scrub 550, -
Spinal & Neck Massage 495, -
Aroma Massage 495, -
Face, Neck and Scalp Massage 495, -
Foot Massage 495, -

Long Treatments

Do you feel tired and tense in your body? We Also offering longer treatments with relaxing massages. These treatments last from 50 to 80 minutes.

Duration: 50 minutes

Scrub + 25 min Optional Massage 995, -
Classical Massage 895, -
Aroma Massage 895, -
Relaxation Massage 895, -
Antistress treatment: Guided Meditation & Massage 995, -

Duration: 70 minutes

Scrub + 50 mins optional massage 1390, -
Aroma Massage 1290 -
Relaxation Massage 1290 -

Duration: 80 minutes

Relaxation Massage 1395, -
Antistress treatment: Guided Meditation & Massage 1495; -