Are you a master thieve?

We launch with PowerPlay, a new exciting activity!

Mysteries at Sundvolden

In 2012, one of the four Scream paintings by Edvard Munch was sold to an unknown buyer. An anonymous art collector has received wind that the affluent and aging Mrs. Lyche, was the unknown buyer. Given their good reputation with art theft, we have now contacted you to steal the painting against a large sum of cash. After weeks on end with a stakeout have you learned that the routines to Mrs. Lyche are quite simple and that she is only out of the house every Saturday between 12-13.

You now have 60 fun and adrenaline-filled moments to steal back the Scream before Mrs. Lyche comes home ...

The hotel room must be examined. Check keys, codes, and hidden clues. Most can be turned around and turned on and everything you need to solve the mystery of how to free the painting from the wall is either in a hotel room or in your creative heads....

The teams must work together and communicate well. Enthusiasm, creative thinking, and solutions outside the "box" are key words for success in The Power Escape.

Solemn exchange of the painting, cash between master thieves, and the anonymous art collector. Are you up for the challenge?