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Activities outdoors

Summer or winter, outdoors or indoors, we will help you to choose the best activity for you.

Aktiviteter på Sundvolden

Daredevil: 2-200 persons, 1-2 hours. Price from €. 750, - per person
Rappelling from the hotel's roof, team-building and groundbreaking! Who dares ??

Golf on the green island: 1-200 persons, 2-4 hours. From Kr. 1000, - per hour.
Tyrifjord Golf Club is just 5 minutes drive from the hotel. Golf Equipment with instruction and informal competition
Kr 1000, - pr. hour for groups up to 8 people. Thereafter NOK. 150, - per person. Minimum Billing 2000, -

Air in the top and cocoa in the cup: 2-250 persons, from 1.5 hours. Price from €. 150, - per person
On the hill above the hotel there Ringerikes finest views! On the Queen's views, we serve hot cocoa with a splash of room for those who want it, while our local guide starts off with a good story or two. It should be calculated at least 1 ½ hours and the trip is planned with transportation for those who want it. Minimum Billing: 5000, -

For active butts and red cheeks: 2-250 persons, 2 hours. Price kr. 190, - pr. person
We run Dronningveien to the top of the Slope and enjoys lovely views on the way up. On the way down, we are trimming laughter muscles butt sledges in childlike fearful joy! 1.5 km toboggan run back down to the hotel -we guarantee bright red cheeks and a different charge for tonight's dinner. Maybe waiting is also something good in the bottom of the hill? Duration is approximately 1 hour. Minimum Billing: 5000, -

Crush a colleague: duration of 1 ½ hours. Price kr. 375, - per person
Many exciting and challenging activities. Our duel offers informal competing, but severely triggering of competitive nature. Our activity leaders lead you through an exciting game where only one team can win. The activity can be combined with such simple sausage grilling or an informal cured dinner in our lavvu.

Boot Camp: 20 - 50 people. Duration about 80 minutes. Price Kr. 350, - per person.
Bootcamp Hønefoss is a former military obstacle course with over 35 different obstacles that challenge the strength, flexibility, balance and fear of heights. We guarantee that the participant gets dirty, tired and infinitely tougher with us. Program and intensity adjusted as desired. Premiums paid to all participants. Price NOK 350, - per participant, minimum £ 5000, -

QR quest: 10 - 300 people. 1.5 hours. Price from 300, - per person
This is an activity where participants must find qrkoder, scan them with their smartphones. The tags contain text and images on the tasks to be solved. The problems are both practical and teoretiske.Qr hunt begins when we instruct to download and use the scanner, separates the group into teams. The teams will during the time that is given, solve as many of the tasks that are placed out. Can also be carried out indoors.
The activity ends with joint review and calculation of points before we have final between the two teams with the highest scores. Price: 300, - per person (for 30 participants)

5-7 -10 match: 10 - 500 persons, 1-3 hours. Price from 350, - per person.
Participants compete in teams of branches that trigger both IQ, interaction and laughter muscles. Bålkaffe always served after the game. Price: 350, - per person (for 30 participants)

GeoQuestor: 2-1000 people, 1-3 hours. Price from 400, - per person.
A geoQuestor consists of a series of tasks or information virtual spaces out in a geographic area. Participants move around in the geographical area and receive tasks or information. Participants guides via app compass and direction showcases the various checkpoints. The activity begins with participants download GeoQuestor from Google Play or App Store. The system is completely free for participants and one depends only on the network access the course downloaded to your device. Then wound up activity just from smartphone or eReader and requires neither sms or network connection. Price from $. 300, - per person.
All three activities can Combining - Get. 400, - per person by 30 participants.

Ola-car GRAD PRIX: Their own stock car GRAND PRIX! 1.5 to 3 hours. 990, - per person.
Stock car promotes cooperation and communication within a group, and lots of laughter! But remember- we run beinserisøs competition and this will affect the group's efforts ..... Note: minimum total Cr. 15000, - by 15 people or fewer.

Gamblers night or awards show? We can set with the full Casino tonight and gambling or solemn Oscars ceremony with full production. Give participants an experience during dinner. Please contact us for an offer and price.

Sundvolden GAMES - outdoor activity run. 1.5 to 2 hours. Kr. 590, - per person. Hello and welcome to Sundvolden GAMES - a packed activity event with high temp, funny, exciting challenges and quality logistics. 5 point activity run in the hotel park right outside or indoors in bad weather. Try the live bobsleigh track, stunt-edged, square, the electric grid and the lava river. Minimum Billing: 15000, - by 15 people or fewer.

Amazing Race: 2 - 3 hours. 625, - per person.
Takes you hinted? Different tasks and activities addressed as clues dealt. Valuable points are given along the way, and victory goes to the fastest team with the right answer. Minimum Billing: 15 000, - incl VAT

Sundvolden Challenge: Outdoor activity run. 2-3 hours. 435, - per person.
Ever wondered what it would be like to walk on water? Or how it could feel to be carried on the backs of the boss? Here everything is possible! The activities should be organized so that everyone can participate. Minimum Billing: 15 000, - incl VAT